Friday, 24 July 2015

Saniflo Engineers

We are excited to inform you that now Express Handyman offers expert SANIFLO engineering services for all of our clients.

Our services include: 
  • Same day repairs
  • Fixing blockages and overflowing problems
  • Original spare parts installation
  • Faulty macerators diagnostics
  • Installing and replacing original Turboflush, Grundfoss, Edincare Hydrolux macerator pumps
We also provide the original spare parts, so that in case that you need any of them, we can provide you with the right one. 

If you would like to know some more details why it is important to choose a qualified Saniflo engineer, please have a look at our official website, or contact us on:

T:   0800 130 3199
T:   0207 837 0129


Thank you for choosing Express-Handyman! 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Shimmer and Shine

Shimmer and shine - metallic paints in silverMetallic paint is one of the ways to add an unexpected elegance and a touch of luxury to your interior. When used on the ceilings, it can delicately reflect colours into the room.

Shimmer and shine - brush stroke finish of metallic paintsLight metallic pearl hues add overall luminance and rather absorbing the colours of the walls they would add an extra touch of light with a mysterious feel. Delicate pearl-white and sage-green hues will add just the right accent to a room, and they do not need to "match" the overall palette of your interior, or the other decorative elements.

Metallic paint is also an ideal solution to a formal room where you can capture the feeling of elegance. Used in the right way, the lighter colours can shimmer with a sense of formality and refinement. The warm silvers, pearl whites and inviting golds can add a breathtaking look to any interior.

When the paint is used sparingly, just to make a statement on details, it can immediately grab attention and add a bit of drama and interest. It is a clever way to tame any hue which is too intense.

The richer metallic hues have the strength of a theatrical performance and convey a strong dramatic feel. Using those stronger navy blues, deep reds or hunter greens in a tasteful dose can distinguish your house from all others.

Metallic paints are among the most exciting additions to the world of paints. They can be sprayed for a smooth effect, or applied with a brush to add extra texture and aged appearance. Both finishing touches can be stunning but the best results can be achieved only by the well balanced use of metallic paint within your interior.

Call our team of painters and decorators if you would like a  professional application of your chosen metallic paint in the desired technique!

Shimmer and shine - dramatic hues of metallic paints
Shimmer and shine - metallic paints in a formal room