Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How SANIFLO works

You might have heard of the SANIFLO toilets, or you might be considering installing one at home. A few questions may arise: 
  • So, what is SANIFLO and how does it work? 
  • Why should I use SANIFLO? 
  • How is SANIFLO different from a conventional toilet? 
Here are some answers for you: 
  • The SANIFLO system allows you to install a toilet in a space without breaking the floor
  • All piping can be neatly hidden behind the wall
  • Upon flushing, all water and waste is drained into the pump
  • The smartly engineered knife system breaks down all waste into small particles
  • The cut down waste is then pumped out into a sanitary gravity drain (a soil stack or a septic tank).  

The video below can give you a nice overview of the overall principles behind the construction:

You are probably already getting an impression of how specific such a toilet is. Apparently it has a number of guidelines that need to be observed upon installation and both experience and expertise are crucial for that purpose.

The best recommendation is to get a qualified SANIFLO engineer to deal with your toilet installation.
Should you have decided to choose a qualified Saniflo engineer, please have a look at our official website, or contact us on:

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