Friday, 4 October 2013

Design Tips - Pictures and Shelves

A room with pictures on he walls looks completely different from one with bare walls. It is not only about your attitude towards art, nor does it concern your individuality only. It is about something much simpler - the effect of "opening dimensions"
If the pictures are framed behind glossy glass, they fall into the already mentioned light reflecting elements, but even when talking of oil painting, a photograph behind a matte glass or another matte surface, the presence of a colour element on the wall immediately changes the space. 

Shelves and Decorative Elements
Open shelves can serve a double purpose - functional and aesthetic. Similarly to pictures, they add variety to the wall but also they can fill in narrow bays and serve their original purpose - storage or display. These can be decorations, CDs, books or other aesthetically appealing items. 

No matter the combinations or styles you choose, it is always a good idea to keep in mind the balance principle of juxtaposition.


  • Glossy and matte elements
  • Light and dark colours
  • Patterned and solid textures
  • Warm and cold hues
  • Smooth and textured textiles
  • etc.

Thus you avoid excessiveness in either of the extremes, and above all balance is what matters most.

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Design Tips - Glossy and Reflective Surfaces

Another way of multiplication of light is the use of glossy and reflective surfaces. It is not necessary for them to be mirrors - they might also be: 
  • framed pictures, 
  • chromed metals, 
  • candle holders, 
  • plasma TV, 
  • decorative elements

Here are some tricks and advice that you can use to complement to the design of your space: 
  • Mirrors and reflective surfaces multiply light. This is the reason it is a good idea to position them facing towards lighter areas or light sources in order to bring in more light into your room
  • They optically increase distance, so it is appropriate to be put parallel to the dimension that needs to be increased. 
  • If you bend a large mirror with a heavy frame on the wall, it will "catch" the ceiling which will bring in visual interest to the space
In case that you are experiencing troubles to hang your heavy mirrors or any of the decorations that you might have, do not hesitate to contact Express Handyman! We can also send you a designer for a personalized consultation which can make your interior even better!

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Design Tips - Wallpapers

Design Tips - WallpapersMoving on the topic about accents on the walls, another option is the use of wallpaper. Wallpapers are frequently disregarded as difficult to put without the help of a professional painter and decorator, expensive or pretentious, but the fact is that they are offered in a great variety and after all it is not obligatory to cover he entire room (some people even use wallpapers on the ceilings!). 

Here are some tips how you can use a wallpaper in an intelligent and modern way:
    Design Tips - Wallpapers
  • You can use a single roll of exquisite textured or textile wallpaper on a single wall or even a part of it, so that you can define a separate area and thus create an illusion of breaking the space. 
  • An example of an optical illusion is the use of vertical stripes. Use them in order to make the room look higher. However, it will make the sector look narrower
  • The use of horizontal stripes will optically increase the horizontal dimensions and decrease the verticals. 
  • An alternative to traditional wallpapers are vinyls which are also offered in incredible variety, and they can also be personalized, including customer's  customization. 
  • Use a paintable wallpaper if you want to bring in variations later on. 

And remember - in case that you need a hand when putting the new wallpaper, do not hesitate to call Express Handyman! We will send our painting and decorating experts to handle the entire scary process of wall covering, so that your room will look as if taken out from a catalog!

Design Tips - WallpapersDesign Tips - Wallpapers

Design Tips - Light and Colours

... And then there was light
Design Tips - Light and ColoursLight is a major factor for he perception of space. The lighter a room is, the larger it looks. Aside from adding light sources like lamps or candles, there are a number of other ways to shape the space. 

Colours are nothing  but reflected light rays. Their use and combination are a subject of multiple researches but here are some quick tips for you.

Frequently recommended in small spaces are light colours, as they are the ones which reflect light the more and thus create the illusion of space. Therefore, white should be the absolute leader when it comes to interior colour; however, a significant disadvantage is it gets dirty very easily, especially when it is on flooring. 

Regarding the walls, white is still a classic but yet - it might be regarded as boring, sterile, conventional or impersonal. That is why you can use light pastel colours with the preferred hue. 
  • Yellow and orange tones bring in a touch of sunlight
  • Greens and blues relax
  • Pinks and purples add delicacy and femininity  
  • Neutral varieties are ivory, cream, beige, light grey
  • Grey should be used very carefully because it can stimulate depression
  • Using contrast is an interesting and modern solution - paint a theme wall in a saturated or dark colour as an accent.  
Design Tips - Light and Colours
Design Tips - Light and Colours

Interior Design Consulting

When choosing a home, there are a number of requirements. An ideal home should be simultaneously functional, comfortable and spacious. 

But what can you do when urban modern construction is often restricted to small spaces, and budget plays a major part? Thus, the chances of getting a flat with small rooms increase drastically.   

Even though it brings additional challenges, do not fall into despair! We are here for you with some tips and tricks which can help you with the decoration so that you can optically create the illusion of larger space. Check out our blog occasionally for new ideas and inspiration from the world of interior decoration!

In case you need a professional interior design consultation for your home or office, you can also contact Express Handyman and our design specialists will be at your address for a personalized offer which will bring a fresh and stylish twist to your place.