Thursday, 3 October 2013

Design Tips - Light and Colours

... And then there was light
Design Tips - Light and ColoursLight is a major factor for he perception of space. The lighter a room is, the larger it looks. Aside from adding light sources like lamps or candles, there are a number of other ways to shape the space. 

Colours are nothing  but reflected light rays. Their use and combination are a subject of multiple researches but here are some quick tips for you.

Frequently recommended in small spaces are light colours, as they are the ones which reflect light the more and thus create the illusion of space. Therefore, white should be the absolute leader when it comes to interior colour; however, a significant disadvantage is it gets dirty very easily, especially when it is on flooring. 

Regarding the walls, white is still a classic but yet - it might be regarded as boring, sterile, conventional or impersonal. That is why you can use light pastel colours with the preferred hue. 
  • Yellow and orange tones bring in a touch of sunlight
  • Greens and blues relax
  • Pinks and purples add delicacy and femininity  
  • Neutral varieties are ivory, cream, beige, light grey
  • Grey should be used very carefully because it can stimulate depression
  • Using contrast is an interesting and modern solution - paint a theme wall in a saturated or dark colour as an accent.  
Design Tips - Light and Colours
Design Tips - Light and Colours