Thursday, 3 October 2013

Design Tips - Wallpapers

Design Tips - WallpapersMoving on the topic about accents on the walls, another option is the use of wallpaper. Wallpapers are frequently disregarded as difficult to put without the help of a professional painter and decorator, expensive or pretentious, but the fact is that they are offered in a great variety and after all it is not obligatory to cover he entire room (some people even use wallpapers on the ceilings!). 

Here are some tips how you can use a wallpaper in an intelligent and modern way:
    Design Tips - Wallpapers
  • You can use a single roll of exquisite textured or textile wallpaper on a single wall or even a part of it, so that you can define a separate area and thus create an illusion of breaking the space. 
  • An example of an optical illusion is the use of vertical stripes. Use them in order to make the room look higher. However, it will make the sector look narrower
  • The use of horizontal stripes will optically increase the horizontal dimensions and decrease the verticals. 
  • An alternative to traditional wallpapers are vinyls which are also offered in incredible variety, and they can also be personalized, including customer's  customization. 
  • Use a paintable wallpaper if you want to bring in variations later on. 

And remember - in case that you need a hand when putting the new wallpaper, do not hesitate to call Express Handyman! We will send our painting and decorating experts to handle the entire scary process of wall covering, so that your room will look as if taken out from a catalog!

Design Tips - WallpapersDesign Tips - Wallpapers

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