Friday, 4 October 2013

Design Tips - Pictures and Shelves

A room with pictures on he walls looks completely different from one with bare walls. It is not only about your attitude towards art, nor does it concern your individuality only. It is about something much simpler - the effect of "opening dimensions"
If the pictures are framed behind glossy glass, they fall into the already mentioned light reflecting elements, but even when talking of oil painting, a photograph behind a matte glass or another matte surface, the presence of a colour element on the wall immediately changes the space. 

Shelves and Decorative Elements
Open shelves can serve a double purpose - functional and aesthetic. Similarly to pictures, they add variety to the wall but also they can fill in narrow bays and serve their original purpose - storage or display. These can be decorations, CDs, books or other aesthetically appealing items. 

No matter the combinations or styles you choose, it is always a good idea to keep in mind the balance principle of juxtaposition.


  • Glossy and matte elements
  • Light and dark colours
  • Patterned and solid textures
  • Warm and cold hues
  • Smooth and textured textiles
  • etc.

Thus you avoid excessiveness in either of the extremes, and above all balance is what matters most.

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